Who are the Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes?

Around this time for the last few years, I have asked Briefly Noted readers, “Who does a good job of recognizing staff?”

This annual search has evolved over time, from looking for a single “Recognizer-of-the-Year” to listing “Staff Recognition All-Stars” to this year, when the search has been reinvented to seek “Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes.”

Who do you know who could be described as an Everyday Staff Recognition Hero? Who do you feel does a good job of recognizing others regularly for what they do, in simple, cost-effective ways that the recipients value?

Your Everyday Staff Recognition Hero could be your supervisor, someone who you supervise, a co-worker (remember the power of peer recognition) or someone with whom you don’t work, but who you are aware has great staff recognition practices.

Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes could work anywhere—in a school, a health-care facility, a non-profit or a government office. Or maybe they work in the energy sector, in a manufacturing plant, a retail business or in the hospitality sector.

Please use the form below to submit the name of your Everyday Staff Recognition Hero. And let your friends and colleagues know that we are looking for Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes. The more Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes we identify, the better.

The deadline for submission is Friday, October 11.

The name of the 2019 Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes will be announced on National Boss Day, Wednesday, October 16. There will be an article in Briefly Noted that day and each hero will receive a certificate and a copy of Thanks! GREAT Job!


Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes Nomination Form

Please use this form to submit your nomination for the 2019 Everyday Staff Recognition Heroes.

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(Closes Friday, October 11, 2019)


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