Workshops and Presentation

Nelson Scott’s well-researched presentations and workshops are filled with anecdotes, humour and practical, easy-to-use techniques that participants can (and often do) begin to use immediately.

These program descriptions found here are meant only as a starting point. Nelson will work with you to personalize each presentation to meet your objectives and participants’ expectations.

3 Day-Long Workshops to improve how leaders hire, engage, recognize and retain staff:

Which workshop is right for your leadership team?

Every workshop is customized: Successful training begins with understanding your expectations. What do you want participants to learn? How do you want behaviours to change as a result of the training? How will you judge the impact of the training? In addition, all participants will be surveyed before the workshop and some individuals interviewed to learn what they want from the training.

Built on prior knowledge: All these workshops are based on the premise that participants already know a lot about the topic and are committed to doing a better job of hiring, engaging, recognizing or retaining staff. (People who “really need” training seldom get it because they don’t see the need.)

Mid-course adjustments: Prior to the lunch break, participants will complete a mid-day assessment: Are their expectations being met? What questions still need to be answered? Necessary adjustments will be made for the second half of the workshop.

Skill practice: Participants will have opportunities to practise their new skills in a safe environment.

Action planning: Participants should not leave empty-handed. They will be encouraged to develop individual action plans to utilize what they learn.

Post-workshop resources: Learning will not end when the workshop ends. Participants will select what they wish to receive following the workshop, from a menu of additional resource materials.

Post-workshop consultation: Each participant may schedule a 15-minute telephone consultation anytime following the workshop.

Questions anytime: Participants may email or call with their questions about the course content anytime following the workshop—the next day, the next week or years later.

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Most suitable as convention keynotes or breakout sessions, up to 90 minutes in length

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