Sources for E-cards

E-cards are an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly way to provide Timely staff recognition and they are widely available on the Internet. A Google search will yield a seemingly endless list of sources for e-cards. Here are a few that we have checked out to get you started.

There are many similarities in terms of what sites offer:

  • Some offer a free service, or a free trial period. Others charge a monthly or annual fee that is considerably less than what you would pay for traditional printed greeting cards.
  • Sites may offer some cards at no cost, and other cards that are only available to those who have a paid membership.
  • You can personalize e-cards on most sites, adding your own message of appreciation for a specific action or achievement, before hitting the send button.
  • Many sites offer reminder services to help you remember upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.
  • The option to print e-cards is available on some sites.
  • Some sites have animated e-cards, with dancing figures accompanied by music that you select from several options.
  • In some cases, you can personalize e-cards by adding photos of friends and relatives.
  • In addition to thank-you and congratulation cards that you could use when recognizing staff, there are many other types of cards...birthdays, weddings, graduation, seasonal, etc.

E-card web sites:

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