Miscellaneous articles on staff recognition

Experts identify keys to successful staff recognition
During the 2003 National Association for Employee Recognition convention, keynote speaker and breakout session leaders identified several keys to effective staff recognition as practised in successful organizations. Read article...

A three-part interview with the 
“Guru of Thank You,” Bob Nelson
Part 1: Ask employees how they want to be recognized
Part 2: Helping managers understand the value of recognition
Part 3: Informal recognition may be more difficult, but is more rewarding

Choose to see the position, rather than the negative
We need to overcome our tendencies to focus on what goes wrong if we are to be effective in providing recognition. Read article...

Linking recognition to job satisfaction
Comparison of results on staff attitude surveys shows that satisfaction with the organization as a place to work is higher in those departments where staff feels that they are recognized regularly for their contributions. Read article...

Why do they dismiss words of praise?
Staff members may dismiss praise with phrases such as, “Ah, it was nothing. I was just doing my job,” because recognition is so rare that they are unsure how to respond. Read article...

Free advice and information on finding and keeping staff available, from the Alberta government
Alberta Employment and Immigration has several resources available online and in print filled with tips on finding and retaining staff. Read article...

Finding a link between recognition and longevity
Oscar winners live longer than other actors. Does that mean that being recognized is good for employees’ health? Read article...

Research: Top performers most likely to leave
Researchers found that top performers are most at risk of leaving because managers treat them worse than other, less-productive employees. Read article...

RPI forgot the most important reason to recognize staff
When Recognition Professionals International listed seven reasons to recognize employees, they missed the most important reason of all. Read article...

Knowing the rules is important to avoid unpleasant tax-time surprises
Canada Revenue Agency rules identify which recognition practices create a taxable benefit for the recipient and which ones don’t. Read article...

Avoid punishing top performers for being successful
When the International Olympic Committee president mused about removing women’s hockey from the Games, it was just another example of how people can be punished for being successful, a practice that is common in some workplaces. Read article...

Best recognizers were “top” bosses ever
Winners of 2010 “Best Recognizers Ever” contest were described by nominators as the “best bosses ever.” Read article...

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