Family Friendly Recognition

A reader shares another example of family-friendly recognition

In response to an article in the last issue, a reader e-mailed us with an example of family-friendly recognition in action that he gave us permission to share.

Darcy Marshall, vice principal of H.J. Cody High School in Sylvan Lake, AB, writes that the principal of his child’s school makes “good news” phone calls. The principal takes her cell phone with her when she visits classrooms. While still in a classroom, she calls a child’s parents to describe something the student has accomplished. When she is finished, she concludes the conversation by saying, “This is what your child’s classmates think of her.” As the principal holds up the phone, the whole class screams and yells.

“It is a great feeling!” writes Darcy, who is obviously a parent who received one of the principal’s calls.

Darcy says the principal has done something similar for at least one staff member. “One day, she did it for one of her teachers whose parents live in Newfoundland. The mother started to cry right on the phone.”

I welcome opportunities to share stories of recognition in action. Please send me your stories of recognition that went well for me to share with readers in future issues of Briefly Noted and on this web site. You can contact us here.

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