Staff recognition tips & techniques

Get up and go look for people to recognize, it’s good for your health

The benefits of managers and supervisors getting out from behind their desks and spending time with front-line staff are well documented in terms of improved morale, increased commitment and engagement, and reduced staff turnover. All of which are good for the organization.

Away from their offices, managers and supervisors have more opportunities to witness people doing their jobs well and provide timely, on-the-spot recognition. This is something that is good for the emotional health of those receiving the recognition—and for those providing it.

Now, recent research from Queensland University in Australia suggests another reason for people to get up from their desks and move around regularly. On January 12, 2011, The Telegraph reported on research that shows, “getting up from one’s desk every few minutes could be the secret to a healthy heart—and a slimmer waist.”

The British newspaper said that lead researcher Genevieve Healy, “urged office workers to stand up while making calls, walk over to colleagues to speak to them rather than phoning or emailing, go to the lavatory on another level (taking the stairs, not the lift)—or even hold meetings standing up.”

For managers, she could have added spending time out of your office, visiting and getting to know your staff—and providing positive feedback for jobs done well.

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