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This gesture of appreciation can last all year

You can end 2010 with an expression of appreciation that will last throughout 2011.

This thought came to me recently during a visit to one of those calendar shops that pop up in malls each October, only to disappear by the end of January. Here you can find calendars in all shapes and sizes, from large and small wall calendars to desk calendars. With so many different types of calendars, you can find a calendar to match almost any imaginable interest or hobby.

This makes it simple for you to express appreciation in a way that is appropriate to the people you want to thank for their contributions. If you know about your staff members’ interests and hobbies, you can select a calendar that matches the intended recipient’s interests.

For the traveller on staff, you can find calendars illustrated by photos of favourite destinations, or places to visit before it’s too late. For the artist, there are calendars illustrated with paintings by the masters.

Other calendars are themed to pets, recipes, sports teams, history, sailing, wild animals, movies, motorcycles, cartoon characters, airplanes, trains and automobiles.

For the next 12 months, the calendar will remind recipients that you appreciate them for what they do and that you care and value them enough to select a gift that reflects their interests.

Of course, the calendar alone will not be enough. Accompany it with a brief note explaining what the recipient does that you appreciate. These few words will be more valuable than the calendar, which will be discarded at the end of 2011. Some will keep your note forever.

High-value, low-cost recognition tip: There is no rule that says a gift of a calendar needs to be presented by December 25. If you wait until the beginning of the New Year to present your calendars, you should be able to pick them up for half-price any time after Christmas.

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